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 Intelligence Augmentation For Java Programmers    
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Juliet is the fastest way to look at any Java codebase and read and understand just enough of it to get your job done.

Juliet is used daily, in anger, on millions of lines of code:

  • the unknown codebase you're reviewing as a consultant

  • the big hairball you're employed to maintain and enhance

  • the open source project that would save you months if only you could quickly figure out how to (re)use it

If you need to get up to speed quickly on a sizeable chunk of code, then Juliet is the tool for you. Alan Williamson, (Ex) Editor-In-Chief of Java Developer's Journal and core architect of BlueDragon, a J2EE CFML engine.
Juliet will change the way you think about and explore your codebase. David Flanagan, author of the best-selling Java in a Nutshell books.
I feel you have a tremendous tool which frankly represents a paradigm shift from the past ways of doing code analysis tasks. Shawn Swart, Director of Research and Product Development, Premier/FuGEN Inc.
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